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Welcome to our skincare brand.

My journey on starting this brand came as an inspiration when I was on an extended water fast in February 2021.  Half way through the fast, I woke up one morning at 5.30am and announced to the universe “I am going to make my own body lotion.”  I leapt out of bed, ran to my kitchen, flung open the cupboard doors and grabbed any oil I could get my hands on and started mixing! I absolutely believe it was divine inspiration as I have never created a product from scratch before!

I soon realised I needed a base to my lotion as the mix was oily. I began researching shea butter and found that not all shea butter is created equal.  I stumbled across a company that provides an income to hardworking rural women and natural,  cruelty free, chemical free, handcrafted ingredients which I am proud to use as a base in my products –  Laydidee’s Body Butter moisturiser was born.

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